The new role of Patrons today is to create Botteghe

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Not just Training Courses but Certifications and Projects as well
You define the critical roles of the specific industry and the Projects to carry out. We'll do the rest!
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Group at least 6 companies and 6 projects to be completed in 3 months
A Guild is an ecosystem, the Workshops must be able to challenge multiple projects.
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The Patron defines the Guild Statute, rules and quality
Each territory has its own specificity, as to say productive districts. Out of that history projects are born.
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The Young and companies meet again to innovate together
The Guild will continue to grow with new technologies, projects and challenges. You lead the future.

You will access the DashBoard to check the Progress

Follow the evolution of the course through real-time dashboards that show you the data about learning and improvement progress within the Workshop. Check results through data, not opinions.

How does it work?


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Get on the platform and have a chat with us. It's easier than you may think.

Open up your Guild

Choose among the projects the ones best suited for your territory. We will bring them into your Workshop.

Raise the Level

Measure achieved objectives and get ready to invest in new innovative projects.

Numbers speak for themselves

Business partners looking for resources with expertise
Structured training courses
Professionals who select contents for you

What they say about us

“We highlight that Guilds42’s approach is highly innovative and offers a fresh perspective on the acquisition of digital skills. We believe that the proposed model is SME-friendly, simple, and accessible. Importantly, it has the potential to offer solutions which can be grown locally and contribute to skills development in those European regions where they are needed the most.”
Sebastiano Toffaletti Secretary-General of European DIGITAL SME Alliance
“The evolution process we all face is not a technological one but rather a cultural revolution that people need to embrace. We are interested in in Guilds42, in its Renaissance spirit and its Learning Management System to help our organization to educating our existing personnel and evaluating their progresses. Interesting also to better evaluate new recruits with digital skills.”
Monica Ramaioli, Managing Director Fondazione Umberto Veronesi
“Our organization is interested in Guilds42, due to the valuable support they can provide looking at future integration in our educational and recruitment services.The model presented to us is disruptive but also simple and accessible, and has the potential to contribute improving our capability to adapt to market disruption in the Automotive Industry sector, and make the most of the digital opportunities ahead"
Ing Mario Apicella, Team Manager di Starengineering

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