Would you like to transform your company but you don't know where to start?

Guilds42 applies digital techniques and tools to find new customers, test the product, manage and improve sales processes and much more.


🌐Your idea is created in 42 days

  • A path (PILOT) chosen by you that solves a problem
  • 6 weeks (Lean / Agile Working Method)
  • 3 SAL (Bi-weekly work progress status)
  • A team ready to accompany you made up of:
  • 2 Chief Digital Officers
  • 5 Digital Tailor (our chosen students)

    At the end of the 42 days the project will pass into your hands and you will decide how to continue.
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Lead Generation

How to find new customers, using digital to acquire and above all measure online and offline

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How can I start selling online, Shopify or BigCommerce, or create my digital catalog to sell on Marketplaces

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CRM & Sales

How can I start selling online, Shopify or BigCommerce, or create my digital catalog to sell on Marketplaces
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For companies, startups and B2C distribution networks that want to test and measure performance through first Advertising campaigns in A / B testing


For brands and startups that want to define, plan and produce content to attract customers and prospects from an inbound perspective


How to find new project funding or how to launch a new product on the market or how to validate a new project idea

Assessment & Strategy

Start from scratch, then from positioning, to structure and enhance the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service functions






AI Data Strategy

How to use business data as a process optimization tool through the use of artificial intelligence

E-commerce Booster

For companies, startups and B2C distribution networks that want to integrate e-commerce into their distribution system or improve its performance using a successful methodology


With Alibaba.com, you can connect manufacturers with foreign buyers and distributors. This Pilot guides you to open new commercial doors to the B2B world of your company

Export digital

Activate an internationalization process by expanding your market to meet your potential customers. Are you thinking about certain markets?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technical audit to evaluate the indexability status,
scan, performance of your web properties. Do you want to understand how to increase visibility and traffic?
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The best option company

Every business needs fast results, smart and accessible models. 2,500 Euros for your 42-day workshop means "validating quickly" and at the same time "acquiring external skills and resources" only when you need it.

Do you already know which Pilot you want to activate?

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What do you do after the PILOT


Receive the Strategic proposal of the first project, understand the effort, objectives and move on to the executive phase with the PILOT PLUS for another 42 days.


You have an external team working for you for 6 weeks. Seeing them at work you can involve them for the next executive phase if they have skills that you lack.


Access the "Team on Rental" platform where you aggregate and rent for a specific period and brief, a certified team with the skills required for development.

New Pilot

Choose from 9 types of Pilots, often linked and / or consecutive. For example, after CRM & Sales it may be useful to develop LEAD GENERATION, or E-COMMERCE.

Your agency

You pass all the work done to your trusted agency with which you will further develop the project. But now you will have the awareness to know how to proceed.


We update and align the skills of your digital and sales team. We also put you in touch with skills you lack.

Not sure which project is best for you?

Try the pilot founder to understand which project to activate based on your real and concrete needs. These questions will help you define your "first mile".

Try the Pilot Finder

Answer a few quick questions, and we'll suggest the best Pilots based on your answers


Book a call

Have a chat without obligation with Andrea Alfieri and understand how the Guilds42 model works.

How do we select the team that will follow your project?

Guilds 42 has a unique and innovative model.


We train our students in the Academy.

Digital tailors (our students) measure themselves with certifications issued by the largest digital operators in the world (Google, Shopify, HubSpot, Microsoft, Y Combinator). In doing so, they develop their own Dashboard and score. Upon reaching a minimum score threshold they will be able to apply for your PILOT.


We choose the best team for you.

The platform assigns points for each certification, having reached 42 digital tailors (students) can apply for PILOTs.
The Master of Art (the expert) We choose the most prepared and motivated ones to form our team.
If you do not yet have your own team or you need one for the subsequent execution phase, among the members of the Bottega you will be able to meet and hire your future collaborators.

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Non sai cos'è l'academy? Scoprila qui

"With my Onlus" Made in Sipario "we have completed an E-Commerce Shop. A world of possibilities has opened up and the collaboration with Artists and Garzoni continues to this day"

“With my company we have completed 3 different shops: CRM, E-commerce and Lead Generation. The results went well beyond our wildest expectations "

“We started a bit hesitant, given the different approach that was offered. We have now activated the executive phase of the first shop and a new CRM shop. Very happy "